Middle-level Career and Technical Education
Theme Module Survey Vetting Tool

The Career and Technical Education Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTE TAC) is leading a project, in partnership with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the CTE Professional Organizations, to develop curricular guidance to help schools implement the new middle-level CTE regulation. The new regulation allows the CTE requirement of 1.75 units of study in middle school to be met through instruction in any CTE content area.
The curricular guidance design consists of foundational Theme modules supported by field-specific Content modules. All modules are  standards-based and designed to:
•   Bridge middle level CTE to high school CTE
•   Expose students to all CTE content areas
•   Allow districts flexibility in delivery
•   Foster acceleration into graduation pathways in CTE, CDOS, and STEM
Drafts of six foundational Theme modules have been developed by a cross-content group of CTE practitioners. The Themes are: Career and Community Opportunities; Financial and Consumer Literacy; Health, Safety, and Wellness; Communication; Sustainability; and Problem-Solving and Innovation.
We are seeking input from the field to guide the refinement of these modules, using the following survey.
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